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Introduction Painter Tran Ngoc Quy


Painter Tran Ngoc Quy was born in 1946 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He studied and graduated from an art school in Hanoi. Then, he worked as a teacher in art major in Architecture Department, University of Civil Engineering (1969 – 1972).

- Tran Ngoc Quy started his professional creation in the seventies of the 20th century. At that time, he mainly painted propagandas and wood carvings. His first wood carving named ‘Canh Giu Nuoc’ (‘Guarding Country’) won the second prize at Hanoi Art Exhibition. Besides, many of his publications was used nationally in the Union Congresses III, IV and V, the international festivals and in prestigious newspapers and magazines (Magazine of Art, Cuu Quoc Newspaper, Tien Phong Newspaper, etc.)

- In the nineteen-eighties and nineteen-nineties, he made many contributions in book graphic design for Department of Publisher and the National and Local Publishers. His designed logos for the publishers named Literature, Culture and Information, Youth, Ethnic Culture, Quang Ninh, etc. which have used until now.

- From the early of nineties, he has specialized in creating oil and acrylic paintings and paintings of Applied Arts. He has also continued to work for the national newspapers and magazines. Half of these works were created in Catholic subjects.

Many Quy’s paintings was published in newspapers, magazines, personal collections in Vietnam, America, Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.
Painter Tran Ngoc Quy owns the luckiness of having two great honors in art:

1. Becoming the only painter was inducted to Vietnam Association of Art by Painter Bui Xuan Phai.

2. Designing and drawing the cover of the poetry ‘LA’ (‘Leaves’) – the last poetry of the former Musician – Painter Van Cao.



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